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Die traurigen Träume des Dylan LeBlanc

Am 17. August erscheint mit ‘Cast The Same Old Shadow’ das zweite Album des US-amerikanischen Singer/Songwriters Dylan LeBlanc. Vorab spendiert uns sein Label Rough Trade daraus ‘Part One: The End’ als Free MP3. Ein tief berührender traurig stimmender Song zu dessen Entstehungsgeschichte Dylan Le Blanc erklärt:

I had a crazy dream and this was the theme music to it. In my dream I was walking through the forest, and there was a battle going on and everyone was shooting each other and then people were hanging out and smoking cigarettes with their rifles and I remember there was a beautiful woman in the dream with long black hair. She was like a painting, and every time she turned the corner, the rest of the world would also become a painting. Every time I wanted to go closer, she would round the next corner. I woke up and I said “I have to write that song”. I picked it out on my guitar and I started thinking about innocence and what age is it that innocence stops and you start to become more aware of the world. When you become wise, things aren’t as fun and good as they used to be. It takes the magic out of it.

Dylan LeBlanc – Part One: The End (right click and save)

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